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Restoration For Damaged Photographs

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Photo Restoration For Precious Memories

Before and After Army Portrait

With state of the art technology and artistic expertise, we can revive your cherished photograph memories and bring them back to life. In most cases, better than the original! Torn, faded or damaged photos can be repaired and restored for those future generations. Black and white or sepia. Before and after samples below for comparison.

1920's Woman's Portrait - Badly Damaged 1920's Woman's Portrait - Perfect Restoration

This approximately 1920's vintage portrait of a beautiful woman is badly damaged and ripped in several places with areas totally missing. Background was replaced along with missing eye and lower arm. Time discoloration was also restored to crisp black and white.

An extensive restoration process

Damaged 1940's Woman's Portrait Restored 1940's Woman's Portrait

Approximately 1940's vintage woman's portrait had considerable damage in the form of creases. A bit of drama was added by giving the image some additional contrast between her skin and clothing

A moderate restoration process

Ripped and Creased Young Childs Portrait Restoration of Childs Portrait

A portrait of a sweet little girl showed signs of rough storage and handling. Hair and skin needed to be restored along with clothing and background

A moderate restoration process

Badly Damaged Vintage Navy Man Portrait Completely Restored Portrait Of Navy Man

We place this portrait to have been taken around late 19th or early 20th century. Amazing detail in the eyes and facial features. Damage from top to bottom required considerable restoration in the face, clothing, and a replacement background was added. The original cut off just above the forehead, but we added the rest of the head which needed hair that blended well.

An extensive restoration process

Damaged Old Child Portrait    repair-sitting-child-fixed-wat-sm.jpg 

This precious old photo of a girl child was faded, with cracks, pieces missing and brown spots.

A moderate restoration process

Damaged Tintype Child Union Soldier Restored 1865 Vintage Tintype Photo

Here is a tintype 1860's Civil War era photo of a child union soldier. There was so much damage to every part of this image.

A fairly extensive restoration process

Damaged Vintage Portrait of Elderly Couple Restored Vintage Portrait of Elderly Couple
Restored and Colorized Vintage Portrait of Elderly Couple

At first glance this image looks like a total loss, but with skill and determination, it was saved. One whole side of the woman's face was missing, and some pretty massive damage to the man's head as well. Colorization was added for that more 'real' appearance.

An extensive restoration was required

Damaged Portrait Of Family In Black Restored Family Portrait

So much damage to this vintage family portrait. One woman's face was missing and creases were evident on every family member.

An extensive restoration process

Damaged Portrait Of Civil War Era Men Restored Portrait Of Civil War Era Men

Just even a quick look at this approximately early 1900's photograph would make ones heart sink.
Torn, creased and unsightly spots everywhere

An extensive restoration process

Before and After Restoration Of Childrens Portrait

What a heartbreaking mess this special children’s photograph was with major creases and holes. Clothing had to be restored and surroundings had to be reconstructed. Shown in black and white and optional colorization.

An extensive restoration process

Before and After Restoration Of 1950's Army Wedding Portrait

This World War 2 wedding portrait that could possibly have been taken in Japan or the South Pacific required restoring of some rips and tears in the background and clothing. Presented in sepia, black and white and with optional colorizing.

A moderate restoration process - optional colorization

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