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My artwork above depicts a grieving scared dog who found him or herself alone with the only family they have left....a ragged teddy bear. A scenario all too real.....all too common.....all too avoidable.

Ignorance truly is bliss. Blissful ignorance protects our fragile spirits from hurtful situations or information.  That protection helps us get through each day thinking the world is spinning just fine.

But ignorance does not fight injustice.  Ignorance does not provide momentum for global change.  Ignorance does not launch crusades to right existing wrongs. In truth ignorance translates to simply being uninformed.

The masses being unformed allows cruelty and horrific dark secrets to flourish.  Once we become informed we simply cannot return to blissful ignorance.

I was for most of my life unaware of the overwhelming numbers of homeless pets.  Used to think (or should say hope) that every dog we would see just wandered away from home and belongs to some caring family.  Also believed that shelters were established by caring people who worked so very hard to find a great home for every dog or cat that for one reason or another could not be kept by their owners. Both of those dreams are light years away from the harsh truth.

I live in a very remote neighborhood of horse property surrounded by crop fields.  While I can't put a total number of dumped pets in our area alone, so far I have 2 more dogs than I planned and a neighbor ended up keeping 2 others.  2 beautiful, of course un-neutered, male boxers appeared across the street one day about 3-4 years ago. When they were in the same spot the next day I knew they had been dumped. I kept and fed them in the fenced 3.5 acre lot next door until I was able to find a rescue to take them and rehome them together. I am one of those people who just cannot turn their back on an animal in need.

Approximately 4 - 5 million companion dogs, puppies, cats and kittens....including pregnant and newborn, die in shelters every year....in the US alone.  That is about 10,000 a day who lose their lives just because they don't have a home.  This does not account in any way for those helpless furbabies who are dumped in the middle of nowhere by their heartless so called family so they can't find their way home.  They are alone, frightened and hungry.  Cats often can survive on their own, but unless they become bloodthirsty killers, dogs cannot.  They die alone or get hit by cars trying to get back to the only life they have known.  This is so wrong on so many levels.

Don't be a part of the problem by turning your head away from the immense suffering. Be a part of the solution by spaying / neutering your pets, and understanding from day one that a pet is a lifetime commitment.

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